Keynote addresses will be given by renowned international experts. The following keynote speakers have been confirmed:

1.Professor Haiyan Hu, Academician of CAS , Beijing Institute of Technology, China  
(Title:Soft Machines: Challenges to Computational Dynamics)(confirmed)

2.Dr. Wim T. van Horssen ,|Delft University of Technology , Netherlands  
(Title:On the applicability of perturbation methods in the study of transversal vibrations of axially moving continua)(confirmed)

3.Dr. Evgeny Petrov, Reader in Structural Dynamics School of Engineering and Informatics University of Sussex Brighton BN1 9QT, United Kingdom
(Title:Mistuned bladed discs: recent advances in analysis of linear and nonlinear vibrations)(confirmed)

4.Professor Yoshiaki Terumichi, Sophia University, Japan
(Title:The Numerical Multiple Timescales Method for Flexible Body Motion with Large Deformation, Displacement, and Time-varying Length)(confirmed)

5.Seiji WATANABE, Mechatronics Department, Advanced Technology R&D Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corp,Japan
(Title:Dynamic Behavior of Slender Structures in Elevator System)(confirmed)

6.Professor Hui Ren, School of Astronautics, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China 
(Title:ANCF of Beams and Plates/Shells in Practice)(confirmed)

7.Professor Weidong Zhu, Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Maryland, Baltimore County 1000 Hilltop Circle Baltimore, MD 21250(confirmed)

8. Professor Weichen Shi, Mechanical Engineering department of Shanghai Maritime University

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