DiShui Lake CROWNE PLAZA,LingGang New Town, Pudong District, Shanghai

Shanghai Dishui Lake Crowne Plaza Hotel is InterContinental Hotel management group's newest Crowne Plaza Hotel. As Shanghai's only an Island Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel Shanghai Dishui Lake sitting on the entire dripping Hunan Island, nearly 50000 square metres of green garden, near the lake hydrophilic, charming scenery. Dripping Lake banquet hall is equipped with 1050 square meters of space, elegant atmosphere, accommodate 750 guests attend cocktail party, 700 guests attended the banquet. 5 meters high level of no pillar design, crystal pendant atmosphere elegant, audio-visual equipment advanced class. Can also be cut into 3 independent small hall, conference guests for flexible selection.


DiShui Lake LingGang New Town, Pudong District, Shanghai

Dishui lake, also known as luchao lake is located in new town, nanhui pudong new area of about 76 km from Shanghai, is the center of the new town nanhui lakes, by the German GMP company's overall planning and design , began construction in June 2002. Dishui lake was positively round, diameter is about 2.6 kilometers, the total area of about 5.56 square kilometers, about 16.2 million cubic meters, the deepest is about 6.2 meters, the lake and three small island with a total area of 0.48 square kilometers, lake water from the river, the water quality for five kinds of surface water .

Guan Hai Park LingGang New Town, Pudong District, Shanghai

Nanhui mouth sea park covers an area of 1.82 hectares, is located in nanhui pudong new area, new city, Shanghai is most southeast margin. The whole park landmark sculpture is made of stainless steel pipe steel weight of the double space truss structure, total about 120 tons of "SiNa fish" (compass). This sculpture is 48.8 cm long, 21.45 m high 13 m wide, with the moral reform, opening, communication and the Chinese nation for the great contributions made by human maritime career development.


Campus of Shanghai Maritime University

Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) is a multi-disciplinary university that encompasses such areas as engineering, management, economics, law, liberal arts, and science, with a special emphasis on shipping technology, economics and management. Chinese maritime education originated at Shanghai and grew out of the Shipping Section of Shanghai Industrial College founded in 1909 (towards the end of the Qing Dynasty). SMU was established by the Ministry of Communications in 1959. According to the university layout adjustment in Shanghai, and for better service of construction of Shanghai international shipping center, Lingang new campus inaugurated in 2008. 


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